The IAWP Heritage Award
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The International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Heritage Award is a unique honor bestowed by the International Association of Women Police upon an individual member to recognize substantial and significant contributions to women police and the International Association of Women Police over a period of years and especially during milestones of the organization. The honor is meant to ensure the recording, recognition, and appreciation for outstanding and dedicated service to IAWP. 

Heritage Award winners represent the legacy of the IAWP. They are the historical memory of an organization that continues to grow.  By virtue of participating in its history and having a resolve that the organization evolve, these leaders confront core goals and serve as tangible evidence to the rest of us of the honor it is to serve the IAWP.


  • To recognize an individual's substantial and significant contributions to women police and the International Association of Women Police. 
  • To ensure the recording and recognition of, and appreciation for, outstanding and dedicated service to IAWP over a period of years and especially during milestones of the organization.

Selection of Award Recipients:

  • The Board of Trustees (BOT) serves as the committee to evaluate and recommend a candidate for this award. 
  • This recommendation is then presented to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • There is no requirement that there be a Heritage Award winner annually. 
  • Candidate must have been a member of IAWP during the time of the contribution and the period being cited. 
  • Candidate must have fulfilled at least one of the organization's objectives.

Submission of Nomination Form:

Heritage Award Nomination Form

Nominations open January 1 and close at Midnight EST on March 31st. 

At a minimum, the nomination documentation must include -

  • Detailed narrative writing describing member's history, achievements, and contributions to the IAWP.
  • Short biography of honoree.
  • Supporting documentation, letters, and similar additional material available.


Previous Heritage Award Honorees

2023 Heritage Award Recipient Dorothy McPhail

2022 Heritage Award Recipient Michele Lish

2021 Heritage Award Recipient Candace Ackler

2019 Heritage Award Recipient Myra James

2018 Heritage Award Recipient  Angie Holt

2017 Heritage Award Recipient Laura Goodman

2016 Heritage Award Recipient Delores Most

2015 Heritage Award Recipient Juliann Brunzell

2014 Heritage Award Recipients:
Carol Ann Halliday and Maureen Ing

2013 Heritage Award Recipient Deborah Montgomery

2012 Heritage Award Recipient Linda Cherry

2011 Heritage Award Recipient Phyllis Nolan

2010 Heritage Award Recipient Connie Maki

2009 Heritage Award Recipient Hellen K. Alyek

2008 Heritage Award Recipient Carolyn Williamson

2007 Heritage Award Recipient L. Gale Buckner

2006 Heritage Award Recipient Tina Martin

2005 Heritage Award Recipient Ann Duncan

2004 Heritage Award Recipient Jeannette Taylor

2003 Heritage Award Recipient Carolen Bailey

2002 Heritage Award Recipient Kathy Burke

2001 Heritage Award Recipient Jessie Stoneman

2000 Heritage Award Recipient Mary Stowe

1999 Heritage Award Recipient Rosie Mason

1998 Heritage Award Recipient Maurine Barkdoll (Babe)

1997 Heritage Award Recipient Dr. Lois Higgins-Grote

1996 Heritage Award Recipient Felicia Shpritzer

1995 Heritage Award Recipient Mary Rita Ostrander


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