Grant funds from the IAWP Foundation

    The grant program is now closed for 2023.


    Another benefit for International Association of Women Police (IAWP) members is our IAWP Foundation grants!

    IAWP Foundation provides grant support:

    • To determine and carry out the charitable and educational agenda of the management and membership of the IAWP.
    • To educate and enlighten the public about women in police or in police-related activities throughout the world.
    • To support the charitable, educational and professional development needs and activities of the various police affiliates, members, and membership of the IAWP in all locations. (including the IAWP Adopt an Officer Program)
    • To provide or conduct training conferences, programs and educational events and workshops relating to women police from anywhere in the world.
    • To provide support directly and indirectly to policing functions and activities where charitable, educational or professional development need is demonstrated.
    • To assist IAWP members to attend training or other educational events relating to women in policing. (including the IAWP International Scholarship Program)
    • To identify, recognize and reward performance, distinction, and achievement among women in policing. (including the Heritage Recognition and Officer of the Year Award) 


    The above may be reduced in any one year due to funding restrictions or other reasons.

    • IAWP Foundation’s primary funding purpose is to develop women in policing who are ineligible for funding through other entities.
    • Applicants from developing countries are especially encouraged to apply.
    • Applicants who demonstrate financial need will be given priority.
    • Applicants are limited to one IAWP Foundation grant per fiscal year.  
    • IAWP Foundation grants will be reviewed until all available funds have been allocated.
    • IAWP Foundation does not fund expenses incurred before an applicant is awarded funds (retroactive expenses). All expenses listed in the budget justification must be expenses that will be incurred after the grant is awarded.

    All funding proposals will be reviewed on an annual basis. Follow the instructions provided in the application material. 

    Download the Instructions and Application Form, PDF format |  DOCX format   

    Budget related questions may be submitted to
    General questions may be submitted to 

    Submit the application and supporting material to


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