International recognition and scholarship program

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Formally titled The International Recognition and Scholarship Program of the International Association of Women Police, is a scholarship awarded each year for a serving policewoman to attend the Annual IAWP Training Conference. The Scholarship is a competitive award given to an outstanding policewoman employed in any country.

 The objectives of the award are:

  • To increase understanding of the roles of women officers in various countries.
  • To encourage participation in the International Association of Women Police by all countries of the world.
  • To promote membership in the International Association of Women Police through the recipient of this award within her region.
  • To increase international understanding and awareness of women in law enforcement and the International Association of Women Police.
  • To recognize the accomplishments of a woman officer.

IAWP shall pay the actual costs of the hotel room and economy class airfare from the recipient’s country to the conference city, to include visa application expenses. In addition, IAWP shall provide the recipient $US500 for food, incidentals, and other sundry expenses for use while at the conference. All other incidentals are the responsibility of the recipient.

Submissions open January 1 and close at Midnight EST on March 31st.

There are also some helpful instructions when making a submission form which you can find here.

Click here to submit an application.   CLOSED

IAWP Scholarship Recipients

2024 Scholarship recipient

2023 Scholarship recipient  Corne Snyman

2022 Scholarship recipient Carmel Morgan

2019 Scholarship Recipient Megan Dobbs

2018 Scholarship Recipient Kerry Smith

2017 Scholarship Recipient Chang Wei-Jung (Vivien)

2016 Scholarship Recipient Maxine L. Graham

2015 Scholarship Recipients Deemathi Periyapperuma and Victoria Yengkhom

2014 Scholarship Recipient Rebekah S. Jones

2013 Scholarship Recipient Rowshan Ara Begum

2012 Scholarship Recipient Abida Sultana

2011 Scholarship Recipients MakaMalatsidze and KhadijaShojae-Shahzadi Gulfam

2010 Scholarship Recipient Edlira Zoto

2009 Scholarship Recipient Maggy Laura Lebethe

2008 Scholarship Recipient Yvonne Garraway Alexander

2007 Scholarship Recipients Wilhelmina Maledimo Petje

2006 Scholarship Recipient Grace Ekeke

2005 Scholarship Recipient Abhilasha Bisht

2004 Scholarship Recipient Dorothy McPhail

2000 Scholarship Recipient Bimala Thapa Sharma


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