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Don't miss the Annual IAWP Training Conference held in a different geographic location each year.  The expertise of the speakers and presenters is unmatched by other training offered in the marketplace.  The first annual training conference was in 1956.  Since 1968, the IAWP Annual Training Conference has been held every year in a different geographic location and normally during August or September. These annual conferences have grown to be a global, highly-valued first-class training event for both the International Association of Women Police and the international delegates who attend.  The annual event consistently gets high marks for training content and meeting career goals.  Knowledge, skills, and abilities are enhanced and advanced. Premiere onsite events such as the IAWP  Heritage Award presentation, the International Awards and Scholarship honors draw crowds.  The opening ceremonies are breathtaking and memorable.  Be sure to take advantage of this great training opportunity.  

    • Monday, September 12, 2022
    • Friday, September 16, 2022
    • Niagara Falls, Canada


    IAWP 2022 Niagara Falls, Canada

    See you there!

    IAWP 59th Annual Training Conference

    12 - 16 September 2022

    Website:  www.iawp2022niagarafalls.org

       email:   iawp2022reg@niagarapolice.ca

2022 - 59th IAWP Annual Training Conference - Niagara Falls, Canada
  12-16  September 2022  Niagara Falls, Canada  www.iawp2022niagarafalls.org

2023 - 60th IAWP Annual Training Conference - Auckland, New Zealand                             17-21 September 2023        www.iwpc2023.com

2024 - 61st IAWP Annual Training Conference - Chicago, Illinois, USA
30 August - 5 September, 2024 www.iawp2024chicago.org


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