IAWP Committees

The International Association of Women Police Standing and Specialty Committees

 Awards and Recognition Committee Chair - Linda Mayberry, US, Region 4 
Chaplaincy Committee- Spiritual WellbeingCo-Chair -  Patience Quaye, Ghana, Region 18
Co-Chair -  Helen Rawlings, Region 13
Constitution and Policies Committee  Chair -  Cande Ackler, USA, Region 10                            
Mily Biswas, Bangladesh, Region 22
Fabian Brown, USA, Region 10
Gale Buckner, USA, Region 4
Linda Cunningham, Canada, Region 12
Ellie Lenawarungu, Kenya, Region 20
Dorothy McPhail, New Zealand, Region 24
Margaret Shorter, Canada, Region 12
Carolyn Williamson, UK, Region 13
Editorial Committee Chair -  Myra James, CA, Region 11
Elections Committee  Chair -  Linda Cunningham, CA, Region 12
 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion CommitteeCo-Chair -  Julie Craddock, CA, Region 11
Co-Chair - Lisa Gore, UK, Region 13
Ethics CommitteeChair - Melinda Edwards, AUS, Region 23

Finance Committee

Chair - Kathy Burke, USA, Region 2
Julie-Dee Sharkey, IAWP Treasurer, USA, Region 9
Andrea Humphreys,  AUS, Region 24
Michele Lish, Past Treasurer USA, Region 9
Jane Townsley, UK, Region 13

Fundraising Committee

Chair -

Historical Preservation CommitteeChair - 

International Scholarship Committee

Co-Chair - Cindy Shain, USA, Region 4
Co-Chair - Dorothy McPhail, New Zealand, Region 24
Abilasha Bisht, India, Region
Megan Dobbs, Australia, Region 24                                               Heike Kottman, Germany, Region 14                                    
Robin Matthews, USA, Region 10        

Marketing Lead

Chair - Julia Jaeger, UK, Region 13

Membership Committee

Chair - Lindsay Williamson, CA, Region 12
Lisa Jackson, Canada, Region 11

Nomination Committee

Chair - 

Resolution Committee

Chair -

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair - Ellie Lenawarungu (Bird), Kenya, Region 20 
Annah Chota, Zimbabwe, Region 21
Laura Goodman, USA, Region 7
Melissa Jardine, Australia, Region 24
Louise Neil, Canada, Region 1
Jane Townsley, UK, Region 13

 Virtual Engagement Committee

Chair - Jane Townsley, UK, Region 13                              
Sarah-Jane Bray –  Wales UK, Region 13                                     Lisa Jackson –  Canada, Region 11                                         
Olena Volobuieva – Ukraine, Region 15                                        Lily Jonni – Indonesia, Region 23                                                 
Jessica Swanson –  USA, Region 7                                          
Carla Castillo –  Ecuador, Region 25                                           
Prit Kaur – USA, Region 5                                                       
Indirah Dames - Bahamas, Region 26

The President has full authority to establish and terminate Committees, excluding Standing Committees, at any time.


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