Adopt an officer program

Adopt an officer today and help give an office a worldwide network.  Two years' adoption is just a short time to share International Association of Women Police (IAWP) and provide another officer with a lifetime network. 

Adopt an Officer Application Process

There are two methods for submitting an application to adopt an officer for the Association of Women Police (IAWP).  The online application option is available at this webpage. If you wish to apply by email, use the procedure below.

An Officer who would like to become a member of IAWP seeking sponsorship under the "Adopt and Officer" Program shall:

  1. Be a full time, active law enforcement officer (paid by public or government funds) without the financial resources available to join. (Reserve and retired officers may not participate in this program)
  2. Submit a letter to the appropriate Regional Coordinator or the Membership Chairperson, requesting membership in the IAWP and stating their reasons for wanting to be sponsored under the program. The letter must be legible and contain all of the following information:


Rank or position

Complete agency address and phone

Complete home address and phone

Indicate which address is to be used for correspondence

    The Membership Chair will confirm the information in the application. If necessary, contact may be initiated with the potential adoptee to verify the information. The applicant details will be entered into the online database for review by potential sponsors.  When a sponsor comes forward, the adoptee will be provided the sponsor's information and will be officially welcomed as a member in the IAWP. 

    Sponsors will be encouraged to make a commitment to continue support and sponsorship of the adoptee for a minimum of two (2) years. Invoices will be sent to the sponsor. If at the time of renewal, the sponsor opts to withdraw participation in the program, the adoptee will be informed that she can apply again for sponsorship.  The Adopt an Officer Program will be advertised in IAWP's WomenPolice Magazine and a periodic notice shall be sent over the IAWP broadcast service.   

    Adopted officer program

    If applying by email, follow the instructions in the Policy.

    • Full-time officers can experience the benefits of belonging to a global association of women in their profession and can apply under the IAWP Adopted Officer Program to be sponsored by an IAWP Member.
    • Once approved for the program, the officer's application is made available to IAWP Members.
    • If a member chooses to sponsor an individual, the IAWP will immediately inform the officer and the sponsor will pay the membership fee for the "adoptee."
    • At the expiration of the membership period, the sponsorship can continue, or the individual can renew their membership directly.


    Just follow the three easy steps today to adopt an officer:

    1. Complete the online application at this link.
    2. We will notify you when your application is approved for the program, and again when a sponsor comes forward.
    3. We send the sponsor an invoice to pay your membership fee and when paid, we provide the sponsor contact information to you.

    If you have any questions, contact


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