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The magazine reaches International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Members around the globe and is a benefit of membership. Published four times a year, WomenPolice covers a wide range of articles focused on:

  • women in policing;
  • policing around the globe;
  • highlights of accomplishments and lives of individual female officers internationally; and,
  • serves as a link to the IAWP organization, its mission, goals, and members.

WomenPolice magazine is a great place to read about female officers around the world. The magazine gives policewomen a voice, a network of colleagues, and stories of inspiration, mentoring, and training. The magazine also makes a great gift subscription (read below to order) and is a useful tool for recruiters and advertisers (ad rates and specifications are at this link). ISSN:1945-3183. The magazine not only reaches members, but subscriptions are held by individuals, libraries, academies, government and educational institutions.  

A subscription is $70 a year which includes mailing no matter where you are geographically located.  Order here.  

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Submission Guidelines:

Notebook stories should be 300-500 words, and feature stories should be 800-2,000 words. Please submit stories using this form in Word or Google document format. (No PDF files, please!)

Please provide at least 2 images with caption information for Notebook stories and at least 3 images with caption information for feature stories. Images should be jpg at least 1 MB in size. They should be sent as an attachment. (Please do not paste them into the body of your email.)

Also, please include 1 photo of the author for feature stories.

Submissions must use this form:   Article Submissions

    Example covers are below. News of interest to female police officers around the globe.  News of interest locally around the globe.  Announcements, examples, skills information, and articles on specific issues impacting women in law enforcement. 










































































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