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WomenPolice Magazine is the official publication of the International Association of Women Police (IAWP).

The magazine reaches IAWP Members around the globe and is a benefit of membership. Published four times a year, WomenPolice covers a wide range of articles focused on women in policing; policing around the globe; highlights of accomplishments and lives of individual female officers internationally; and, serves as a link to the IAWP organization, its mission, goals, and members.

WomenPolice Magazine is a great place to read about female officers around the world. The magazine gives policewomen a voice, a network of colleagues, and stories of inspiration, mentoring, and training. The Magazine also makes a great gift subscription (read below to order) and is a useful tool for recruiters and advertisers (ad rates and specifications are at this link). ISSN:1945-3183. The magazine not only reaches members, but subscriptions are held by individuals, libraries, academies, government and educational institutions. 

A subscription is $70 a year which includes mailing no matter where you are geographically located.  Order here. 

IAWP Members read the magazine online as a benefit of membership so JOIN to READ!

A Note on WomenPolice Magazine

July 24, 2013
 Thank you for your inquiry. ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique identifier for a serial title. As long as the title stays the same so does the ISSN.  According to our records your title has undergone several title changes listed below:
 I.A.W.P. bulletin (1977 - 1987) ISSN: 0890-5894
 PoliceWoman (1987-1988) ISSN: 1946-4010
 WomenPolice (1988- current) ISSN: 1945-3183
 Please use 1945-3183 for the print version of "WomenPolice".
 Best wishes,
 Library of Congress

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IAWP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization founded in 1915 and is unique being the oldest organization for women in policing.

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