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 International Association
     of  Women Police

Our mission is to strengthen, unite and raise the capacity of women in policing internationally.

 Guiding Values of the IAWP
  - Embrace Diversity
  - Be Open Honest and Fair
  - Listen to our Members
  - Operate Professionally
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WELCOME Members, Visitors and Supporters Worldwide!

Welcome to the website of the International Association of Women Police.  The IAWP was established in Los Angeles, California USA in 1915 by the first American policewomen as an international organization to provide professional development, mentoring, training, networking and recognition for female law enforcement officers and civilian support staff, as well as increase the numbers of women in policing. One-hundred years later, IAWP has members in more than 60 countries and continues the same traditions established by the founders.


IAWP Early Board Meeting April 2016 Hosted by EWPA Region 16, and UAE MOI

The Emirates Women Police Association, the United Arab Emerites, Minister of Interior, and the Regional Coordinator for IAWP Region 16, Aamna Al Belooshi, are hosting the Board for the EBM in April.  IAWP Members should contact their Regional Coordinator if they wish additional details, or if they wish the coordinator to bring forth matters for Board consideration. The Board meeting will be followed by EWPA Training.  The dates are April 16 & 17, 2016 for the Early Board Meeting, followed by April 18 - 20, 2016 for the Regional Training.


Emirates Women Police Association Third Regional Conference of Women Police

Women Police & Leadership in Sustainable Development
18 - 20 April 2016
Convention Center - Zayed University - Abu Dhabi

IAWP Early Board Meeting will be held Preceeding the Conference, 16 - 17 April 2016

Conference Brochure




IAWP Annual Recognition Program OPEN for Nominations January 1, 2016.

IAWP opens for nominations under its Annual Recognition Program.  Nominations are accepted only through the online nomination form and an individual can be submitted under only one category.  Self nominations are not accepted.  A submission is accepted when made by an IAWP Regional Coordinator, the President of an IAWP Affiliate organization, or a supervisor in the nominees direct line of authority.  The award form is at this link: http://www.iawp.org/awardform.htm. Award criteria details are at this link:  http://www.iawp.org/awards.htm.



IAWP International Recognition and Scholarship Program OPEN

The 2016 Scholarship Program is open for applications.  Read the instructions and complete the application at this link: http://www.iawp.org/awards/internationalscholar_award.htm  Deadline for applications is April 1, 2016.



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Acting NT Police Commissioner Kate Vanderlaan in 1980

Story January 31, 2016 ABC Net Australia Photo Northern Territory Police

Acting NT Police Commissioner Kate Vanderlaan was the first Policewoman motorcyclist in Australia, seen here in 1980.  Read the full article here.



Pledge for Parity


UN Peacekeepers: Police Women Celebrating IWD


IAWP Celebrating IWD at the Bangladesh Police Women's Network Conference.



IAWP 2016 Barcelona Spain

Mark your calendars for October 9-13, 2016, for the IAWP 54th Annual Training Conference. Pre-register now for favorable fees and early conference details. 
Download the overview file (PDF).



When I Grow Up I Want To Be

From the BBC

News in Pictures


IAWP 2017 Cairns Australia

The IAWP 55th Annual Training Conference will be held in Cairns, Australia. Planning has started for this event! Read some history on Cairns on Wikipedia.



IAWP 2018 Calgary Alberta Canada

Calgary Alberta Canada won the bid for the IAWP 56th Annual Training Conference in 2018. Visit the City of Calgary webpage to see what all the city offers.



IAWP 2019 Open for Bid

Interested organizations should read the IAWP Conference policies to submit a bid to host the 57th Annual Training conference in 2019.  Read more...



IAWP Campaigns

The IAWP is focusing on several critical issues. Read about each at their webpage link.

   STOP Human Trafficking ::Visit Webpage::

   Violence Against Women ::Visit Webpage::

   Awareness in Afghanistan ::Visit Webpage::


IAWP Resolutions

The IAWP Resolutions, For details or to recommend a Resolution to IAWP, contact Leanne Fitch, Chair IAWP Resolution Committee

IAWP Resolution #01-2013 Prevention and Intervention of Human Trafficking

IAWP Resolution #02-2013 Elimination of Violence against Women

Download IAWP Policy 33 Formal Resolution Policy


IAWP Adopted Officer Program

Under the program, an officer's membership fee is paid by an IAWP member who serves as the sponsor.  The program is open to any officer who can not afford the membership fee.  To read more, see IAWP Policy 16 and the WebPages at http://www.iawp.org/adoptofficer/adopt.htm and http://iawp.wildapricot.org/Adopted-Officer-Program/




IAWP Global Presence through 26 Regions

IAWP has 26 Regions around the globe.  Visit the webpage for IAWP Regional Coordinators and the countries in the region.  Click here for the webpage.




The IAWP Foundation

Donate to the IAWP Foundation

The Mission of the IAWP is Raising the Profile of Women in Criminal Justice Internationally.  To that end, the IAWP Foundation provides funding for educational purposes under the US IRS Tax Subsection 501(c)(3).  In the U.S., donations to the IAWP Foundation are tax deductible. 


IAWP Centennial Coin

Own a piece of history!  Contact Stephanie Harding if you are interested in an IAWP 100-year Centennial Coin.



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If there is a question on our licensing guidelines, copyrights, or, if you have a permission request, you may email the president@iawp.org or the executivedirector@iawp.org.

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