Reduced Membership Fee Countries

IAWP offers reduced membership fees based on the 'Gross National Income' as defined by the world bank listing of economies including all countries except those classified by the world bank as 'high income.'
Follow the link to the World Bank Listing of Economies

Countries included by IAWP for reduced membership fees are all countries except those classified by the World Bank as "high income."

Income classifications of countries set by the World Bank on 1 July of a year remain in effect until 1 July the following year.

Low GNI countries are defined according to their Gross National Income (GNI) per capita per year. Countries with a GNI of US $12,376 and less are eligible under IAWP policy for reduced fees for membership and for annual training (countries as specified by the World Bank, for the current 2020 fiscal year).

IAWP offers reduced fees for membership and for attendance at the annual conference to residents of countries in the listing of reduced-fee countries. This makes the association with the IAWP attainable by all.  IAWP also offers a program whereby an IAWP member in good standing can sponsor the membership of another. Adopted Officer Program, view here.

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