Constitution and Policies of the International Association of Women Police


Policy One Performance Management
Policy Two Parliamentarian Policy (deleted 09/18/2009)
Policy Three Official Publication Committee Policy
Policy Four Annual Recognition Program Moved to IAWPF Policy 1F - Annual Recognition Program (BOD LBM Action 8/2015)
Policy Five International Scholarship Award Moved to IAWPF Policy 2 (BOD EBM Action 2/2015)
Policy Six Requests for Charitable Contributions Policy
Policy Seven Endorsements for Political Appointment Policy
Policy Eight Equality of Opportunity Policy
Policy Nine Nominations and Election

Policy 10 Conference Policy.pdf

Policy Eleven Financial Management Policy 
Policy Twelve Fixed Asset Management Policy
Policy Thirteen IAWP Internet and Data Resources
Policy Fourteen Recognition Committee Policy
Policy Fifteen Heritage Award Policy Moved to IAWPF Policy 10F - Heritage Award
Policy Sixteen Adopt an Officer Program
Policy Seventeen Legislative Issues Policy (Rescinded BOD EBM Action 2/2015)
Policy Eighteen Special Membership
Policy Nineteen Supplying Mailing Labels Policy
Policy Twenty  Early Board Meeting
Policy Twenty-One Criminal Justice Memorial Funds Policy
Policy Twenty-Two Business Manager Policy (Deleted)
Policy Twenty-Three IAWP Board Travel Policy
Policy Twenty-Four Honorariums for Board Members Policy
Policy Twenty-Five Archival of Historical Documents and Records
Policy Twenty-Six Diversity Policy
Policy Twenty-Seven Corporate Membership (Now contained in Policy 18)
Policy Twenty-Eight Corporate Contributions
Policy Twenty-Nine Member Conduct Policy
Policy Thirty Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
Policy Thirty-One
Policy Thirty-Two Regional Constituency
Policy Thirty-Three Resolutions Process Policy
Policy Thirty-Four Duties and Responsibilities of IAWP Committees
Policy Thirty-Five Conflict of Interest

Board of Directors, Regional Coordinators, Board of Trustees, Standing Committees, Code of Ethics

The International Association of Women Police is operated and managed by a diverse group of global individuals.

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IAWP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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