Constitution and Policies of the International Association of Women Police


Policy One Performance Management
Policy Two Parliamentarian Policy (deleted 09/18/2009)
Policy Three Official Publication Committee Policy
Policy Four Annual Recognition Program Moved to IAWPF Policy 1F - Annual Recognition Program (BOD LBM Action 8/2015)
Policy Five International Scholarship Award Moved to IAWPF Policy 2 (BOD EBM Action 2/2015)
Policy Six Requests for Charitable Contributions Policy
Policy Seven Endorsements for Political Appointment Policy
Policy Eight Equality of Opportunity Policy
Policy 9 Nominations and Elections

Policy 10 Conference Policy
Annexure A MOU Template .pdf  
Annexure B Sample starting budget.pdf  
Annexure C FAQs re Conferences.pdf

Policy Eleven Financial Management Policy 
Policy Twelve Fixed Asset Management Policy
Policy Thirteen IAWP Internet and Data Resources
Policy Fourteen Recognition Committee Policy (Rescinded BOD LBM 9/2020)
Policy Fifteen Heritage Award Policy Moved to IAWPF Policy 10F - Heritage Award
Policy Sixteen Adopt an Officer Program
Policy Seventeen Legislative Issues Policy (Rescinded BOD EBM Action 2/2015)
Policy Eighteen Special Membership
Policy Nineteen Supplying Mailing Labels Policy
Policy Twenty  Early Board Meeting
Policy Twenty-One Criminal Justice Memorial Funds Policy
Policy Twenty-Two Business Manager Policy (Deleted)
Policy Twenty-Three IAWP Board Travel Policy
Policy Twenty-Four Honorariums for Board Members Policy
Policy Twenty-Five Archival of Historical Documents and Records
Policy Twenty-Six Diversity Policy
Policy Twenty-Seven Corporate Membership (Now contained in Policy 18)
Policy Twenty-Eight Corporate Contributions
Policy Twenty-Nine Member Conduct Policy
Policy Thirty Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
Policy Thirty-One
Policy Thirty-Two Regional Constituency
Policy Thirty-Three Resolutions Process Policy
Policy Thirty-Four Duties and Responsibilities of IAWP Committees
Policy Thirty-Five Conflict of Interest

Board of Directors, Regional Coordinators, Board of Trustees, Standing Committees, Code of Ethics

The International Association of Women Police is operated and managed by a diverse group of global individuals.

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IAWP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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