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UK slams the door on traffickers


Every year women desperate to improve life for their family are lured or taken to another country with the promise of work. For some of these women it’s the start of a better life but for many it’s the beginning of a horrific journey.


Stories of human trafficking continue to hit the headlines across the world but how much do we really know about the illicit trade?


The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in the UK recently commissioned research to allow them to gain an insight which would inform vice work across the country.


The research found that there are 6,000 businesses operating in off-street prostitution with approximately 30,000 women working in them, 17,000 of these women are migrants.


The migrant women, mostly from China, South East Asia (primarily Thailand) and Eastern Europe, have many reasons for working in this industry. Some have been kidnapped, raped, imprisoned and forced into prostitution, others arrive independently and are effectively self employed. These women are often motivated by debt or a dependency on drugs or alcohol.


Traffickers have many ways to exert control over their victims and persuade, induce or force them into prostitution including threats of violence against them or their family, debt-bondage, shame, fear, cultural or religious mechanisms.


To find out how this is being tackled see the full article in WomenPolice.  One of the benefits of joining the organization.