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Don't miss the annual IAWP Training Conference held in a different geographic location each year.  The expertise of the speakers and presenters is unmatched by any other training offered in the marketplace.  The first annual training conference for the International Association of Women Police was in 1956.  Since 1968, the IAWP Annual Training Conference has been held every year in a different geographic location and normally during August or September. These annual conferences have grown to be a global, highly-valued first-class training event for both the International Association of Women Police and the international delegates who attend the training.  The annual event consistently gets high marks for training content and meeting career goals.  Knowledge, skills, and abilities are enhanced and advanced. Premiere onsite events such as the IAWP  International Awards, Scholarship and Heritage honors draw crowds and the opening ceremonies are breathtaking and memorable.  Check below for links to current conference registration and for links to the contract bid openings for future annual training. 

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2020 58th Annual Training Conference  OPEN FOR BID
2019 57th Annual Training Conference Anchorage Alaska, September 22-26, 2019, in planning
2018 56th Annual Training Conference Calgary Alberta Canada, August 26-30, 2018, Register Now, Leading Change
2017 55th Annual Training Conference Cairns, Australia, September 17-21, 2017, Global Networks: Local Law Enforcement
2016 54th Annual Training Conference Barcelona, Spain, Equality and Security
2015 IAWP CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION 1915-2015, Cardiff Wales United Kingdom, 100 Years of Policing, 53rd Annual Training Conference
2014 52nd Annual Training Conference Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, Strength of Many
2013 51st Annual Training Conference Durban, South Africa, Global Empowerment of Women in Policing
2012 50th Annual Training Conference St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Journey to the Edge
2011 49th Annual Training Conference Lexington, Kentucky, Racing to the Future
2010 48th Annual Training Conference Minneapolis, Minnesota, Strength in Unity
2009 47th Annual Training Conference Seattle, Washington, Rising to New Heights
2008 46th Annual Training Conference Darwin, Australia
2007 45th Annual Training Conference, Denver, Colorado 
2006 44th Annual Training Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
2005 43rd Annual Training Conference, Leeds, England
2004 42nd Annual Training Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
2003 41st Annual Training Conference, San Francisco, California
2002 40th Annual Training Conference, Canberra, Australia
2001 39th Annual Training Conference, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
2000 38th Annual Training Conference, Toronto, Canada
1999 37th Annual Training Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1998 36th Annual Training Conference, Anchorage, Alaska
1997 35th Annual Training Conference, Dallas, Texas
1996 34th Annual Training Conference, Birmingham, England
1995 33rd Annual Training Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, World of Experience - State of Excellence
1994 32nd Annual Training Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Building Bridges Through New Partnerships
1993 31st Annual Training Conference, Vancouver, Canada, Global Policing - A Spirit of Unity
1992 30th Annual Training Conference, Miami, Florida, On the Move Meeting the Challenge
1991 29th Annual Training Conference, San Antonio, Texas, The Evolution of Authority
1990 28th Annual Training Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, To the Future
1989 27th Annual Training Conference, San Jose, California, Communicating Beyond Words
1988 26th Annual Training Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, Rise to the Challenge
1987 25th Annual Training Conference, New York, New York
1986 24th Annual Training Conference, Denver, Colorado
1985 23rd Annual Training Conference, Anchorage, Alaska, Frontier Spiri
1984 22nd Annual Training Conference, Dearborn, Michigan, Polishing the Skills Beyond the Badge
1983 21st Annual Training Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Police Work Environment
1982 20th Annual Training Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee
1981 19th Annual Training Conference, Portland, Oregon, Women in Law Enforcement: A Turning Point, A New Dimension
1980 18th Annual Training Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico
1979 17th Annual Training Conference, South Bend, Indiana USA, Career Officers Prefer Schooling (COPS)
1978 16th Annual Training Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Update 78
1977 15th Annual Training Conference, Tucson, Arizona 
1976 14th Annual Training Conference, Seattle, Washington
1975 13th Annual Training Conference, Baltimore, Maryland
1974 12th Annual Training Conference, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Progress through Professionalism
1973 11th Annual Training Conference, Long Island, New York
1972 10th Annual Training Conference, Portland, Oregon
1971 9th Annual Training Conference, Kansas City, Missouri 
1970 8th Annual Training Conference, ASault Ste. Marie, Canada, Women Police in Modern Law Enforcement
1969 7th Annual Conference, Madison, Wisconsin, Policewomen and the NOW Generation
1968 6th Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois USA (was Cancelled)
1966 5th Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon
1964 4th Annual Conference, Hollywood-by-the-Sea, Florida
1962 3rd Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii
1960 2nd Annual Conference, Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts
1958 1st Annual Conference, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana
1956 - Annual Conference, San Diego, California