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Chaplain Tamia Dow

I am the Chaplain of the IAWP, a life member (since 1996) serving as Chaplain since 2006. The IAWP is an international organization representing many diverse religions and belief systems. My mission is to provide spiritual guidance to the membership of the IAWP.

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IAWP Memorial Remembrance

Welcome to the IAWP Memorial section. Please take some time to read about the brave women and pioneers that have paved the way and some given their lives for the rights we enjoy as women in law enforcement worldwide. (Also included are our supportive male members).

Say a prayer for their family and loved ones and/or leave an encouraging message.

Though their life force has been extinguished their legacies live on through us as we celebrate the life they lived.  Email Chaplain Dow,, for a memorial listing with IAWP.

Tracy Barbas, Sergeant, Brockton Massachusetts Police Department (US)

Sergeant Barbas was the first female to be promoted to Sergeant at the Brockton Police Dept.  She passed away Monday January 15, 2018, from a cancerous brain tumor. She was 42.


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