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Trainers / Recruiters / Advertisers

Our members work on all continents of the globe.  For only a small $35(USD) processing fee, the IAWP will broadcast your law enforcement training, job vacancy, or law enforcement survey, to name a few,  through its worldwide network delivering it into the hands of our members. Your notice instantly receives attention and you reach a wide audience.

Let the IAWP help you through our direct broadcast service.



To use our service: 

1.  Pay $35 (USD) by Credit Card through PayPal. 

Use this button

2.  Send your notice in PDF or DOC (which will be converted to PDF) format by Email to Carol Paterick -

You will receive a copy of the material as it goes out, normally within 24 hours.

NOTES: .We do not provide proof reading service.  
What you send us is what will be used.
.IAWP reserves its right to reject material
it deems inappropriate or outside
the scope of service to members. 

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