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Lt. Colonel Chang Wei-Jung (Vivien)
National Police Agency (NPA)
Ministry of the Interior
Republic of China (Taiwan)


Co-Chairs Linda Mayberry and Cindy Shain and members of the IAWP International Scholarship Committee are very proud to announce the recipient of the 2017 IAWP International Scholarship, Lt. Colonel Chang Wei-Jung, from the National Police Agency (NPA) of Ministry of the Interior, Republic of China (Taiwan).  She will attend the 55th Annual Conference in Cairns, Queensland, Australia on September 17-21, 2017.  The process continues to be a very competitive one with high quality applicants, representing police women from around the globe (from such diverse countries as Kenya, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Guinea-Bissau, and the Solomon Islands).  


When first notified by IAWP International Scholarship Chairs Mayberry and Shain, Lt. Colonel Chang, whose nickname is Vivien, advised that she was so surprised that she had to ask her co-workers “to double check the email I received” to ensure it was correct!  She wrote:  “It is such a great honor and privilege to receive this award!  I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the IAWP.  As the first female police officer to represent my country at this upcoming conference, it’s not only a recognition for my performance and personal accomplishments in policing, but also an affirmation to Taiwan police women for their contribution to the protection of women and children in the past 20 years.”


Lt. Col. Chang is a 20-year veteran officer, currently serving in the International Affairs Division within the NPA.  She began her career in 1995 at the Central Police University, the elite police academy in Taiwan.  During her 4-year academy program, she found domestic violence issues in Taiwan interesting and selected it as the topic of her Bachelor’s dissertation.   In her paper, she researched the conditions, reasons, and prevention strategies of domestic violence in her country.


Upon graduation, she was assigned to the Women and Children’s Protection Division in the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD), where she worked for the highest-ranking female police chief in Taiwan today, Liao Mei-Ling.  She engaged in the creation of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, including the establishment of regulations and procedures for front line police officers.  Taiwan, as the first country in Asia to implement a Domestic Violence law, has become the model for other Asian countries to follow.  Lt. Col. Chang led her team in educating 7,000 police officers in building their capacity to investigate and handle DV cases.  She also taught citizens about crime prevention and safety concepts in order to enhance the positive image of the police and build stronger bridges between police and community.


Lt. Col. Chang has worked in a number of assignments throughout her career, including criminal investigation and prevention, traffic safety control and prevention, internal affairs supervision, and foreign affairs policing.  She views every job as an “opportunity to learn” and holds a positive attitude regardless of the assignment.  She has taught police-related subjects to students at the Taiwan Police College and the National Open University.  In 2008, she was promoted to the NPA and assigned to the International Affairs Division as a Police Lt. Colonel.  In 2011, she was responsible for planning and supervising human trafficking investigation and prevention nationwide. The NPA was responsible for 62% of human trafficking investigations and prosecutions in Taiwan. Her current professional goals are to promote international policing cooperation and enhancing international image of Taiwan police.


Lt. Col. Chang completed her Master’s and Ph.D. in police law at the Central Police University in 2013.  The topic of her dissertation was the legal policy and regulations governing assemblies and parades in Taiwan.  Her conclusions and recommendations became an important resource to subsequent academic research on this topic.  Other research she has participated in on operations’ effectiveness of male and female officers has contributed to the improvement of the working environment and equipment for female police nationwide.  


Lt. Colonel Chang was selected by the NPA Director-General Chen Kuo-En to attend the FBI National Academy.  In 2016, she proudly graduated from the 263rd Session of the FBINA, receiving her diploma from Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of the FBI.  She was one of 18 female trainees in the session and reported that she “developed a good relationship with them which will last a lifetime and become beneficial to LE crossing countries and boundaries.”


In regard to the International Scholarship and attendance at the conference in Cairns in September, Lt. Colonel Chang is confident that she will be “competent to connect Taiwan women police with the IAWP and be a good example for them to contribute to the issues female police officers face internationally.”


Lt. Colonel Chang is married; her husband is a 30-year veteran police officer. They have two children - an 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.  She is good at swimming and has a lifeguard certificate. During her leisure time, she loves to do Yoga.

Congratulations to Lt. Colonel Chang – an outstanding 2017 International Scholarship recipient. We look forward to meeting her in person and introducing her to all of the conference participants.