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2016 IAWP International Scholarship Recipient

W/Senior Superintendent Maxine L. Graham, Guyana Police Force


Co-Chairs Linda Mayberry and Cindy Shain and members of the IAWP International Scholarship Committee are very proud to announce the recipient of the 2016 IAWP International Scholarship, W/Senior Superintendent Maxine L. Graham, Guyana Police Force, South America. She will attend the 54th Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain on October 9-13, 2016.  The process continues to be a very competitive one with high quality applicants. Sixteen scholarship applications, representing police women from eight countries around the globe (from such diverse countries as Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Australia, Tunisia, and Taiwan to name a few). 




Senior Superintendent Maxine I. Graham
Guyana Police Force



When first notified by IAWP International Scholarship Chairs Mayberry and Shain, Supt. Graham was elated saying that she “felt honoured and was moved to tears.”She added, “This IAWP International Recognition and Scholarship Award is very meaningful to me, the Guyana Police Force, and my country Guyana.  It will further encourage the struggle for women police to not only attend conferences, but seek to take up the challenge to empower themselves academically to attain and realize their highest potentials.”


During W/Senior Superintendent Graham’s childhood and adolescent years, she developed a passion for justice and equality. As a result, at the age of 21, she joined the Guyana Police Force on March 9, 1987.  As a result of hard work, commitment and discipline, she has given exemplary service to the agency for 29 years, rising to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police.


She has worked in a number of assignments throughout her career with the Guyana Police.  She has been an instructor at Felix Austin Police College, a Court Prosecutor for ten years, and the Court Superintendent for ten courts in Central Georgetown, Guyana.  In her current position, Snr. Supt. Graham is the only senior female officer who represents and acts as a mediator between female ranks and the senior management of the Guyana Police Force.  She also serves as coordinator for the Guyana Police Force’s Suicide Helpline, Community Relations and Partnerships. She is the Force’s Welfare Officer and Coordinator for the agency’s annual Youth Camps.  She serves as liaison officer for the Guyana Police Force Fallen Heroes Fund, Inc.   Another one of her many responsibilities is serving as Officer-in-Charge of selection, recruitment, and human resources management for the ranks from Constables to Sergeants. 


Snr. Supt. Graham has served as the President of the Guyana Association of Women Police since March 2013. Under her stewardship, 23 women of the Guyana Police Force attended the 53rd IAWP Conference in Cardiff, Wales in August 2015.  She has worked to develop and empower women to act professionally with the Force and in wider society through the formulation of Women’s Association sub-committees in Police Headquarters and in each Division of the police agency. She coaches, mentors, counsels and guides police officers of different ranks, encouraging them to pursue higher education which have resulted in graduating with diplomas and degrees from the University of Guyana and other educational institutions.  She also assists them with health services and health awareness programs as well as aiding officers in getting loans from the police credit union to defray medical and personal expenses, pursue education, and build homes. She looks after sick or injured officers as well as assists the relatives of officers deceased or injured in the line of duty.


Snr. Supt. Graham is currently pursuing a Degree in Law.  She has earned a Diploma in Public Safety and Security Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Guyana. She has attended a number of leadership and management training courses in Guyana and overseas, including a Special Prosecutor’s training (University of Guyana), ILEA Advanced Management and Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement (El Salvador), Senior Officers’ Course (Guyana Police Force), Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement (Peru), and Police Ethics and Leadership (US Department of State and the Ohio State Highway Patrol (USA).  


For her many achievements, Snr. Supt. Graham received a Good Conduct and Long Service Medal in April from the President of Guyana, His Excellency Mr. David Granger, for her dedication and commitment to the Guyana Police Force.  In May, she was the recipient of the Disciplined Service Medal, a national award for her service to her agency.  She is a “people person” who wants to share her knowledge and experiences in order to benefit others in her agency and community.


Snr. Supt. Graham lives in Phoenix Park, West Bank Demerara, Guyana, which is known in South America as the “Land of Many Waters.”  She is the mother of two sons, who are also serving members of the Guyana Police Force.  Her goal, in regard to the International Scholarship and attendance at the conference in Barcelona is to “ensure that all women police within the Guyana Police Force become members of IAWP.”   She is well on her way towards that goal as she “grows” the Guyana Association of Women Police.


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