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2008 International Recognition and Scholarship Honor


Assistant Superintendent Yvonne Garraway Alexander

Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force

     A very special police professional has been selected as the recipient of the 2008 IAWP International Scholarship. The process was very competitive this year. A record number of 38 applications for the award representing police women from 25 countries around the globe were submitted from an impressive and admirable group of women!

     Yvonne Garraway Alexander is a career police officer who has served the Commonwealth of Dominca Police Force (CDPF) for over 32 years, enlisting as a Constable on December 27, 1975. Serving as Constable, Corporal, Sergeant, and Inspector, Asst. Supt. Alexander shattered the glass ceiling in her agency and made history in 2000 when she became the first and only female officer in the CDPF to be promoted to a senior managerial position (Assistant Superintendent).

     Currently serving as Assistant Superintendent of Police, Yvonne Alexander is posted to the Criminal Investigations Department. Her current responsibilities include enforcing legislative provisions relating to the investigation of crimes and other offenses; overseeing the activities of the Criminal Records Office and Crime Scenes Unit; monitoring trends and developments in the incidence of various types of crimes; and managing the Criminal Investigation Department.

     During her career, Asst. Supt. Alexander has served in a number of key functional departments of the CDPF and has held senior managerial positions in Immigration as Officer-in-Charge. Prior to her most recent assignment to CID, she commanded the Southern Division, which comprises ten district police stations and covers an area of approximately 150 square miles with a population of 28,900. She has also been assigned to Prosecutions, Immigration and Administration. From 2003-2005, she served a two-year attachment as the Staff Officer over Intelligence and Plans at the Central Liaison Office of the Regional Security System (RSS). RSS is a Treaty organization, created by a number of small islands in the Caribbean to provide a collective response to security. Because of the small size of the islands and limited resources and finances, Dominica collaborates in key areas including joint interdiction exercise and training.

     As evidenced by her extensive resume, Asst. Superintendent Alexander values education, networking and training. She has also demonstrated leadership in promoting women in law enforcement by forming a committee of female officers over 15 years ago to address concerns about the roles and conditions of police women. In spite of a ten-year ban on enlisting women in the police force in the mid-80's to mid-90's, Asst. Supt. Alexander has worked on increasing the presence of women in the force, which currently represents 10% of the CDPF. She is working to reactivate the women's committee and to participate in the Regional Chapter formed two years ago in the Bahamas. She is eager to share information about IAWP and the Darwin conference with the Regional Chapter upon her return to Dominica.

     Asst. Supt. Alexander holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration in Public Sector Management from the University of the West Indies in Barbados (2002). She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2000) and a Certificate in Business Administration (1998) from the same university. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and swimming. She is an activist and advocate on matters relating to domestic violence and child abuse and is Chairperson of the National Committee on Convention on the Rights of the Child.

     When Asst Superintendent Alexander was notified of her selection for the IAWP Scholarship, she wrote to International Scholarship Committee Chairs, Cindy Shain and Linda Mayberry: "I am so excited that I am short at this time of the appropriate words to let you know how honoured I feel to have been considered and to actually have won this very prestigious Award. I consider it a privilege and I look forward with tremendous anticipation to contributing to the conference and indeed to advancing the Vision, Mission and objectives of the IAWP."

     CDPF Police Commissioner Matthias D. Lestrade advised the Scholarship Committee that Asst. Supt. Alexander "often reminds her CDPF's senior managers of the important role of female officers and the contribution they have made and continue to make in law enforcement in Dominica." He stated that should she be selected by IAWP for the scholarship, "her receipt of such an award would only serve to reinforce her continued commitment and devotion towards the advancement of the cause of female officers and redound to the benefit of the CDPF." IAWP Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs, Linda Mayberry and Cindy Shain agree. They feel that our 2008 recipient will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the IAWP and share her new experiences and networking opportunities with other female officers in Dominica and in the Caribbean. She is the first recipient of this award representing policing in Dominica.






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