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The International Association of Women Police sponsors a scholarship award each year for a serving Police woman to attend the Annual IAWP Training Conference. The Scholarship is a competitive award given to an outstanding Police Woman employed outside the U.S. or Canada.





The objectives of the award are:

To increase understanding of the roles of women officers in various countries.

To encourage participation in the International Association of Women Police by all countries of the world.

To promote membership in the International Association of Women Police through the recipient of this award within her region.

To increase international understanding and awareness of women in law enforcement and the International Association of Women Police.

To recognize the accomplishments of a woman officer from outside North America.

IAWP shall pay the actual costs of the hotel room and economy class airfare from the recipient’s country to the conference city, to include visa application expenses. In addition, IAWP shall provide the recipient $500 for food, incidentals, and other sundry expenses for use while at the conference. All other incidentals are the responsibility of the recipient.

Scholarship Applications must be received no later than May 1 each year unless a different date is announced.

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View IAWP Scholarship Program Policy
For additional information on the International Recognition and Scholarship Award, contact the IAWP Committee Co-Chairs Linda Mayberry and Cindy Shain.

Video: IAWP Regional Coordinator says benefits to her Region when member is recipient
Video: 2014 International Scholarship recipient describes honor in being chosen as recipient

IAWP International Scholarship Recipients

2017 Scholarship Recipient

2016 Scholarship Recipient

2015 Scholarship Recipient

2014 Scholarship Recipient

2013 Scholarship Recipient

2012 Scholarship Recipient

2011 Scholarship Recipient
      2011 Scholarship of Distinction Recipient
      2011 International Female Police Peacekeeper Award

2010 Scholarship Recipient
   2010 Scholarship of Distinction Recipient

2009 Scholarship Recipient
2008 Scholarship Recipient

2007 Scholarship Recipient
   2007 Eastern Kentucky University Justice & Safety International Scholarship Recipient

2006 Scholarship Recipient

2005 Scholarship Recipient

2000 Scholarship Recipient