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2009 Recipient of the Dr. Lois-Higgins Grote Heritage Award



Dr. Lois Higgins-Grote 
Heritage Recipient
Hellen K. Alyek



This recognition is named for past president Lois Higgins-Grote, who in 1956, revitalized and reorganized the IAWP then served as its president for eight years and as executive director for twelve more years. 

The Heritage Award is an honor bestowed upon an individual member when warranted due to substantial and significant contributions to women police and the International Association of Women Police over a period of years and especially during milestones of the organization. The honor is meant to ensure the recording, recognition, and appreciation for outstanding and dedicated service to IAWP. The IAWP's Heritage recognition is the highest tribute given by the IAWP.

Heritage Award winners represent the legacy of the IAWP. They are the historical memory of an organization that continues to grow.  By virtue of participating in its history and having a resolve that the organization evolve, these leaders confront  core goals and serve as tangible evidence to the rest of us of the honor it is to serve the IAWP.


Hellen K. Alyek

          Hellen Alyek became the IAWP Region 18 Representative of Africa in 1999 when IAWP members created Africa as its own region.  Hellen Alyek, with her quiet demeanor, who was the one lone member in Africa, was able to connect African women police with a worldwide network of women police through IAWP that would assist them in building and developing their own strategic global network.  Within two years of Hellen's appointment to the new region, the African membership grew to 48 members.  In October 2001, Hellen organized the first training conference for African women police officers in Kampala-Uganda.  This conference was developed with the support from the Commission for Women in Africa.  Over 200 women police officers from ten African countries attended.  Africa was well represented on the IAWP Board and at its conferences.  At that time, Hellen was working single handedly to build the network of police women in Africa.  Now, many women officers are members and even some male African officers have shown an interest in joining IAWP.  


          By 2002, Hellen was speaking to an audience of hundreds at the Australasia conference in Canberra, Australia.  That same year, Hellen was given a Recognition Award Certificate by the Inspector General of Police for being one of the best Police officers of the year.  Even in retirement, Hellen continues to focus on the recruitment of women police to join IAWP and in strengthening the net-working system among Africa Women Police as law implementers.  

         She is a remarkable representative and leader in the IAWP.  Her leadership has assisted the IAWP in meeting the goals of its mission to strengthen, unite and raise the profile of women in criminal justice internationally.







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