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OPEN for Nominations January 1, 2017. Deadline COB April 7, 2017 EST.


The IAWP offers annual recognition for female and male officers in various categories.  Submission are made online using the electronic nomination form.  Nominations are accepted when submitted by supervisor in the employee's chain of command, the Regional Coordinator of the nominee's IAWP Region, or, the President of an IAWP Affiliate organization.  Nominations close at 5:00pm EST on the deadline date.

Awards are highly competitive for the international recognition.  These are a prestigious honor for the recipient and the employing law enforcement organization.

The IAWP's highest form of honor is the IAWP Heritage Award, an award reserved solely for IAWP use and bestowed by IAWP at its discretion.

Award recipients are honored during the Annual Training Conference and prominently featured in the post-conference issue of WomenPolice Magazine.


IAWP Annual Recognition Program

Open and deadline dates vary each year. They are announced via member broadcast and posted on the website.

The categories and eligibility are -

Civilian Achievement Award

Awarded for outstanding achievement by a civilian woman that has gone above and beyond to support, promote and enhance the criminal justice profession.

Community Service
Awarded to an officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishments through developing, designing, implementing and participating in programs involving communities, which include neighborhoods, school, community meetings, and businesses.

Excellence in Performance
Awarded to an officer who distinguishes herself through superior attention to duty or outstanding investigative effort, which leads to the identification, location or arrest of a major criminal or criminal activity.


Leadership Award

Awarded to an officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishments or continuing, long term involvement, using leadership skills that encompass, but are not limited to problem solving, planning, organizational, communication and/or administrative which make a significant contribution within the agency or the law enforcement mission.
Male Advocate Award
Award in support of UNWomen’s ‘HeForShe’ Campaign to recognise a male officer or male civilian employed by a law enforcement agency or police force, who has made a significant contribution and commitment to the advancement of women in policing.  (New in 2017. Press release.)


Medal of Valor
To be awarded to any officer who distinguishes herself by an act of bravery or heroism, at risk of her own personal safety or in the face of great danger, above and beyond the call of duty when two distinct elements are present –
      .The act of bravery or heroism, at risk of her own personal safety or in the face of great danger is a distinct profile which evidences the act of bravery, heroism, or risk taken by the officer. This profile becomes evident to the Awards Committee during their evaluation of the nomination.
      .The incident, event, or act is unmistakable in ascertaining that the officer was facing great danger, displayed heroic courage, acted bravely – above performance elements expected in the police profession. This element is such that even the mere explanation of the act determines it to be above and beyond the call of duty.

Awarded to an officer who distinguishes herself with her support and assistance to women in law enforcement, development of programs or policies favorable to women, serving on committees or organizations that review women’s issues.

Officer of the Year
Awarded to an officer, who by her overall service and accomplishments throughout her career distinguishes herself in all four areas of leadership, community service, mentoring and excellence in performance.


Prior Award Recipients
IAWP Foundation Policy on the Annual Recognition Program




IAWP Heritage Award

The IAWP Heritage Award is an honor bestowed upon an IAWP member who provided substantial and significant contributions to women police and the International Association of Women Police over a period of years and especially during milestones of the organization. The honor is meant to ensure recording, recognition, and appreciation for outstanding and dedicated service to IAWP. The IAWP Heritage recognition is awarded at the discretion of the IAWP and is the highest honor awarded by IAWP.

Award Description
Heritage Award Honorees