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IAWP Annual Recognition Program Nomination Form

Mylan Masson, Chair 
Annual Awards Committee



You will be typing directly into these online screens through your browser. The submission must be in English.  A write-up is limited to approximately 4 type-written pages even though the submission form shows a single write-up field.  You may want to type out your submission in a word processor, then cut and paste the text into the fields.  We do not accept photos, newspaper articles, or similar material at this time.  Please note that we accept nominations only from an IAWP Regional Coordinator, the President of an IAWP Affiliate, or a police official in the individual's chain of command.  Use of this form is mandatory for consideration of a nominee.

*SELF Nominations
are not accepted and will be returned without action.  Phrase write-ups to show that the individual is being nominated by an IAWP Regional Coordinator, the President of an IAWP Affiliate, or a supervisor in the individual's chain of command.

*Exclude personal details. Exclude names of an officer's family members and exclude names of victims and criminals.

*Biographical information on the nominee is mandatory and required at the time the nomination form is submitted. The bio should be no longer than 450 words, one (1) typewritten page. 

*A nominee (person, name, individual) can be submitted for consideration in only a single category.  Submitting a nominee for more than one category will cause all nominations for that individual to be returned without action.

*Criteria for each award is shown below in each award category.  Nominations not meeting criteria are returned without action.

     Questions on the Awards Program should be addressed to Mylan Masson, Chair, IAWP Annual Awards Committee, email Masson.mylan@gmail.com. For questions and assistance on the submission form, please email Carol Paterick, IAWP Webmaster.  


Officer of the Year 
Awarded to an officer who, by her overall service and accomplishments throughout her career, distinguishes herself in the four areas of leadership, community service, mentoring and excellence in performance.

IAWP Leadership Award 
Awarded to an officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishments or continuing, long term involvement, using leadership skills that encompass but are not limited to problem solving, planning, organizational, communication and/or administrative which make a significant contribution within the agency or the law enforcement mission.

Excellence in Performance Award 
Awarded to an officer who distinguishes herself through superior attention to duty or outstanding investigative effort, which leads to the identification, location, or arrest of a major criminal or criminal activity.

Mentoring Award 
Awarded to an officer, who distinguishes herself with her support and assistance to women in law enforcement, development of programs or policies favorable to women, serving on committees or organizations that review women's issues.

Community Service Award 
Awarded to an officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishments through developing, designing, implementing and participating in programs involving communities, which include neighborhoods, school, community meetings, and businesses.

Medal of Valor Award 
Act of bravery or heroism, at risk of her own personal safety or in the face of great danger, above and beyond the call of duty. The Medal of Valor may be awarded to as many nominated officers as qualify.

Civilian Achievement 
Awarded for outstanding achievement by a civilian woman that has gone above and beyond to support, promote and enhance the criminal justice profession.

in 2017
MALE ADVOCATE AWARD in Support of UNWomen's HeForShe Campaign 
Award will recognize a male officer or male civilian employed by a Law Enforcement Agency or Police Force, who has made a significant contribution and commitment to the advancement of women in policing.

Notice:  The IAWP may use awards photos, names and organization information in a manner consistent with furthering IAWP's goals and gaining recognition for the IAWP. We may publish IAWP award recipient details, photos, names and organization on our Website and use awards details, photos, names and organizations in print, in our printed publications, and similar uses to broadcast IAWP to an audience. If the organization or the individual will not authorize release or grant permission so that we can use the nominee's name or photo or award details, we can not accept that individual for consideration. Individuals chosen will be deemed to have agreed to IAWP's publication and use without a requirement  for additional release or signature being obtained. 
Please check here to show that you understand the conditions set out above and certify to the IAWP that there is no prohibition on publishing or release of details concerning the award nomination and award nominee.

Name of the IAWP Affiliate President, IAWP Regional Coordinator or Police Official in the nominee's chain of command Submitting the Nomination


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Agency / Department / Organization

Complete Mailing Address of the Nominee including Postal Code, street address, etc. We need to know how to address IAWP mailings.





Will Nominee Attend IAWP Awards Ceremony?

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Bio of Nominee
Provide a BRIEF written overview of a person's experience and other qualifications,

e.g., curriculum vitae


Limited to 400 words, or approximately
 1 typewritten page

Limited to 4 typewritten pages.
Note:  Below is a box to write up the nomination details to show that the individual deserves recognition from the IAWP in the award category.  Be specific as to why the officer should be considered for the award so the IAWP Awards Committee can give the nomination full consideration.  When finished with your write-up, scroll to the bottom to submit.  This box will accept four typewritten pages of material.  You may want to cut and paste the award justification from your PC DOC file into the box.  If you need help with the form, contact Carol Paterick, carolpaterick@gmail.com.  If you need help on a nomination, contact Mylan Mason Awards Chair, Masson.mylan@gmail.com.