Trademark and Material Use Approvals  

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Material use approvals:      

Jones & Bartlett Learning, August 2011

415 word extract from International Association of Women Police website “Past & Present, 1915–today.”  
It will appear in a college textbook entitled Law Enforcement in the United States 3e by John Conser, et. al. Our material is Title: Law Enforcement in the United States 3e, Author/s: James Conser, Terry Gingrich & Rebecca Paynich, Page length: 500 pages, Publication date: 11/1/11, Print run: 2,000, Format: print & electronic. Karen Ehrmann, Permissions Editor on behalf of Jones & Bartlett Learning, c/o 6016 Lake Lindero Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, (818) 642-6977