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Policy One  Performance Management
Policy Two  Parliamentarian Policy (deleted 09/18/2009)
Policy Three  Official Publication Committee Policy
Policy Four  Annual Recognition Program Moved to IAWPF Policy 9 (BOD LBM Action 8/2015)
Policy Five  International Scholarship Award Moved to IAWPF Policy 2 (BOD EBM Action 2/2015)
Policy Six  Requests for Charitable Contributions Policy
Policy Seven  Endorsements for Political Appointment Policy
Policy Eight  Equality of Opportunity Policy
Policy Nine  Nominations and Election
Policy Ten  IAWP Conference Bid Policy
Policy Eleven  Financial Management Policy  
Policy Twelve   Fixed Asset Management Policy
Policy Thirteen  Draft: Use of Technology

Internet Access and Use Policy
Policy Fourteen  Recognition Committee Policy
Policy Fifteen  Heritage Award Policy
Policy Sixteen  Adopt an Officer Program Policy
Policy Seventeen  Legislative Issues Policy (Rescinded BOD EBM Action 2/2015)
Policy Eighteen  Honorary Membership
Policy Nineteen  Supplying Mailing Labels Policy
Policy Twenty   Early Board Meeting Policy
Policy Twenty-One  Criminal Justice Memorial Funds Policy
Policy Twenty-Two  Business Manager Policy (Deleted)
Policy Twenty-Three  IAWP Board Travel Policy
Policy Twenty-Four   Honorariums for Board Members Policy
Policy Twenty-Five  Archival of Historical Documents and Records
Policy Twenty-Six   Diversity Policy (Under Development)
Policy Twenty-Seven   Corporate Membership
Policy Twenty-Eight Corporate Contributions
Policy Twenty-Nine Member Conduct Policy
Policy Thirty Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
Policy Thirty-One Ethics Policy (Under Development)
Policy Thirty-Two Regional Constituency Policy
Policy Thirty-Three Resolutions Process Policy
Policy Thirty-Four Duties and Responsibilities of IAWP Committees