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Constitution of the International Association of Women Police

Solely adopted this 25th day of October 1969.

Article 1 Name, Seal, and Offices
Article 2 Term and Dissolution
Article 3 Mission Vision and Guiding Values   |  Webpage version
Article 4 Members and Meeting of Members 
Article 5 Board of Directors
Article 6 Board of Trustees
Article 7 Deleted by Action of the AGM September 24, 2013. Regional Constituency is found in Policy 32.
Article 8 Contracts 
Article 9 Finances 
Article 10 Prohibition Against Sharing Corporate Earnings
Article 11 Amendments to the Constitution
Article 12 Resolutions
Article 13 Exempt Activities
Article 14 Standing Rules
Article 15 Policy and Procedure
Article 16 Official Publication
The Standing  Rules with Dues Amounts

Dues Increase Effective April 30, 2009 with World Bank Developing Country List


The Standing Orders of the IAWP